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Meat industry and trade -- Canada, Meat industry and trade -- Mexico, Meat industry and trade -- United States, Livestock -- Diseases, Livestock -- Pollution


Livestock farming has been transformed in the past twenty years from a business dominated by relatively small producers to one dominated by large facilities raising thousands of animals. A side effect of this development has been a new set of environmental concerns unique to this industry. While regulation of livestock agriculture has historically been a state/provincial and local matter, governments from the local to the federal level have found themselves grappling with the issues created by these new, concentrated facilities. This Report surveys the current environmental requirements for "intensive livestock operations" (ILOs) in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The Report draws conclusions about current regulatory regimes and makes recommendations on the management of environmental issues associated with ILOs.


This study on Comparative Standards for Intensive Livestock Operation in Canada, Mexico and the United States was carried out by the Secretariat under the Law and Policy Program with the support of the Environment, Economy and Trade Program.

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