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Electronic publishing, Document markup languages, Publishers and publishing -- Data processing


This paper seeks to explore the technology underlying current digital editions—which I maintain are wanting in their exploitation of the digital medium—in more detail; its focus is squarely on editorial praxis, not on editorial theory (leaving aside the fact that all praxis is informed by specific theoretical assumptions). Neither am I concerned with questioning whether digital techniques render traditional critical editing obsolete; in fact, I am convinced that they do not, and my paper proceeds from this standpoint. Similarly, I am only marginally interested in exploring the augmentation of digitized texts with multimedia elements as described by Boot and van Zundert. My main concern is with the representation of purely textual material and the technologies underpinning that representation—semantic markup languages—in the digital realm. I argue that the limitations of semantic markup contribute to current digital editions falling short of expectations.


Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Writing: Book Publishing.

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