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Publishers and publishing -- Oregon, Cultural pluralism in publishing -- Measurement


In this paper I will explore the ongoing conversation about the state of diversity in the publishing industry, the identity of the Pacific Northwest as a bastion of diversity relative to New York City, and whether and how the economic concept of cultural diversity can be useful to publishers committed to increasing diversity in their lists or amongst their staff. Generally speaking, the term “diversity” refers to the social choice to be inclusive of everyone regardless of race, sex, class or economic status, etc. In this paper, I will also refer to the economic concept of cultural diversity. In publishing, this concept, developed from principles of biodiversity in healthy ecosystems and defined for the book industry by Françoise Benhamou and Stéphanie Peltier, is measured by analyzing the three properties of diversity—variety, balance, and disparity—“according to the three forms of categorization of the population of individual books…: the title, the genre and the original language"


Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of either the Master of Arts in Writing: Book Publishing, or the Master of Science in Writing: Book Publishing.

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