Blogs and Book Promotion: Measuring Success

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Blogs -- Social aspects, Online social networks, Book industries and trade, Publishers and publishing


In the 2006 article "The Blog Phenomenon and the Book Publishing Industry," published in Publishing Research Quarterly, Meredith Nelson begins to explore the impact that blogs would go on to have on the book publishing industry over the following decade. Since Nelson’s article, little more scholarly work has broached the subject of books and blogs specifically, but in an industry that has remained remarkably similar for hundreds of years, it’s no surprise that much of Nelson’s research still proves true today. Marketing budgets are shrinking, attention spans are waning, and reading is—and always will be—incredibly subjective. If books in a digital world are to succeed, Nelson points out, "it’s very important that marketers find populations of people who really want to engage with their books". That is where publishers and authors hope blogs can help.

Research Question: As publishing houses' marketing budgets shrink, blog tours have become an increasingly common tool for book promotion, but what evidence exists to either support or disprove the claim that blog tours are an effective means of driving book sales and connecting with readers?


Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of either the Master of Arts in Writing: Book Publishing, or the Master of Science in Writing: Book Publishing.

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