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Consumer behavior -- Research, Publishers and publishing, Hispanic American consumers, African American consumers, Generation Z -- United States -- Attitudes, Equality -- United States


Presents 2020 survey data conducted by Berens and Noorda about high rates of Black and Latinx book consumption compared to the general population. Pairs these insights with inclusive marketing and customer experience techniques for reaching Black and Latinx readers by inclusive marketing consultant Sonia Thompson.

Reaching Black and Latinx Readers Presented by Kathi Berens and Rachel Noorda, PhD, Portland State University; Sonia Thompson, Inclusive Marketing Consultant BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) readers have been underserved in the book industry, but data from The Immersive Media & Books 2020 report, developed by Portland State University and sponsored by IBPA, reveals that Black and Latinx millennials are actually some of the most active book readers, buyers, and borrowers. Learn more about this audience and how to reach them in this presentation.

Keywords: Critical Conversations, Distributing & Selling Books, Marketing Books
Learning Format: Learning Lab
Learning Level: All Levels
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This content was recorded during IBPA Publishing University, the annual conference of the Independent Book Publishers Association, on April 20, 2022 and posted with publisher permission.

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