Electronic Literature Collection Volume 4

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Modern literature, Diversity, Equity


"Electronic" literature is digital-born, playful, and interactive. This collection of 132 literary works draw together literary experiences in 31 languages, from authors representing 42 nationalities. The Collection is open access, entirely free to read, and runs well on mobile devices. It is the fourth and most inclusive volume in the definitive collection of digital literature from around the world.

You may also access a dataset of the works (excluding identity keywords) used to render the site by viewing the additional file, linked below.


Centering Equity, Diversity and Inclusion [EDI]

ELC4 presents the largest and most diverse group yet of elit authors writing in Afrikaans, Ancient Chinese, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, isiXhosa, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mezangelle, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Setswana, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, South African Sign Language, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Yoruba.

ELC4 is the first ELC offering access to some commercial works, such as VR experiences playable even without headsets, and narrative video games. These join the Collection’s far more numerous open access works: database fictions, autoethnographies by GenZ makers, works that play cleverly with AI, geospatial storytelling via mobile phones, and many more.

Our goal was to welcome artists who may never have heard of “elit” or encountered it in a classroom. We sought and found works by Indigenous makers from many cultures. We found new-to-elit makers by attending live streamed performances and virtual exhibits from makers in India, Mexico, and West Africa. Elit scholars in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil connected us with media artists in Central and South America. International consultants from Asia, the Middle East, eastern and western Europe, Australia, and Africa helped us find works imbued by their local cultures. International consultants wrote evaluations when we editors didn’t speak the languages.

ELC4 features many more BIPOC, queer, and female or female-identifying authors than in previous Collections, allowing us to interrogate our core beliefs about elit.

However, there is much more work yet to do in decentering patriarchal and imperial culture as the implied standard of elit.

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