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Oregon -- Population -- Statistics, School enrollment -- Oregon -- Tigard -- Forecasting, School enrollment -- Oregon -- Tualatin -- Forecasting, Tigard‐Tualatin School District, Demographic surveys -- Oregon -- Tigard, Demographic surveys -- Oregon -- Tualatin


This report presents the results of a demographic study conducted by the Portland State University Population Research Center (PRC). The study includes analysis of population, housing and enrollment trends affecting the District in recent years, estimates of the impacts of housing development on TTSD enrollment, and forecasts of district‐wide and individual school enrollments for the 2013‐14 to 2022‐23 school years. The Tigard‐Tualatin School District (TTSD) enrolled 12,341 students in Fall 2012, a decrease of 25 students (0.2 percent) from Fall 2011. This is the fourth consecutive year of K‐12 enrollment loss, but the declines of the most recent two years have been small compared with the loss of 128 students in 2009‐10 and 74 students in 2010‐11. District elementary schools experienced a net loss of 36 students (0.6 percent) in 2012‐13, and 238 students (4.1 percent) for the four year period since their enrollment peak in 2008‐09. Middle grades (6th‐8th) in District schools gained enrollment in 2012‐13, and are just 59 students (2.0 percent) below their 2009‐10 peak. District‐wide enrollment in high school grades 9‐12 has been virtually unchanged since 2010‐11 and remains near its peak. In contrast to the K‐5th grade enrollment decline, Fall 2012 kindergarten enrollment of 939 in TTSD schools was the largest ever, 62 students larger than in Fall 2011. However, the kindergarten growth is not likely to be sustained, as births to District residents peaked in 2006‐07, the birth cohort that entered kindergarten in Fall 2012.

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