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Portland Public Schools (Or.), Oregon -- Population -- Statistics, School enrollment -- Oregon -- Portland -- Forecasting, Demographic surveys -- Oregon -- Portland


In Fall 2011, Portland Public Schools (PPS) enrolled 46,206 students in grades K-12, an increase of 465 students from Fall 2010. This is the third consecutive year of enrollment growth, following 12 consecutive years of enrollment losses that occurred between 1996- 97 and 2008-09. For the three year period since 2008-09, PPS K-12 enrollment has grown by 1,182 students, or 2.6 percent. In seven of the past eight years, actual K-12 enrollment in the first year of the forecast has been within 300 students of the medium scenario characterized as the “most likely” Enrollment Forecast in reports similar to this one. However, in all eight of those years actual enrollment was higher than the one year medium scenario forecast. Fall 2011 K- 12 enrollment was 227 students (0.5 percent) higher than the medium scenario forecast but 27 students (0.1 percent) lower than the high scenario forecast prepared in Spring 2011. The Enrollment Forecasts in this report were prepared in Spring and Summer 2011, based on historic enrollment data from 2010-11 and previous years. However, the entire report was not ready for publication until after 2011-12 enrollment data became available. This preface briefly addresses the district-wide trends observed in 2011-12 and evaluates the forecasts in the short term. The next report will include more analysis of enrollment trends with respect to area demographics and trends within sub-areas such as high school clusters. The 2011-12 enrollment figures in this preface were published by the District on November 18, 2011.

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