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Technical Report

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Wildlife crossings -- Oregon, Traffic safety and wildlife -- Oregon, Roads -- Environmental aspects -- Oregon


Summaries of Highway Development Projects in Region 6 National Forests.

This document contains a summary of higher complexity projects selected for their interest to line officers and resource managers. These projects represent not only the current Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) projects but also a sample of the types of projects that will be on future STIPs. Thus, readers are urged to glance at the tracking tools and narratives for all forests to gain a quick glimpse of the types of projects potentially facing each forest. The summary has extracted brief information on project locations and types, the program year of construction, estimated project cost, Resource Needs Levels, and possible opportunities and threats for terrestrial wildlife resources. The program year of construction may indicate the onset of planning, depending on the type of project. Estimated project cost provides an approximate at-a-glance estimator of project complexity. Resource Needs Level is explained fully in the Analysis Tools section; it provides managers with an estimate of the amount of natural resource specialist time and experience needed to respond to project complexity. Higher Resource Needs Levels indicate increased complexity and staff involvement. Threats and opportunities are also more fully explained in the Analysis Tools section; the summaries here provide ideas for what project attributes may need to be investigated.

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