Technology Roadmap: A Roadmap for Tesla

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Infrastructure and Technology Management: Contributions from the Energy, Healthcare and Transportation Sectors

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By the increased use of fossil fuels on day-to-day life, there is a huge impact on the environment because of the carbon emissions emitted from these vehicles. Hence, there increased a need for alternate energy for vehicles. For the success of adopting the electric vehicle in the market, this report helps in enlightening the need for replacing the conventional vehicles by electric cars in the current world of technology and also extends it by constructing the roadmap for the pioneer of electric vehicles – Tesla motors. The competitors for Tesla are not just electric vehicles but they are bigger firms such as Audi, Mercedes, etc. which manufacture a higher range of comfort cars which run on conventional energy. One of the biggest hurdles faced by the electric vehicle market is the lack of running the EV vehicle for a long range on a single charge and replacement of conventional vehicles in the market by electric cars. The goal is to analyze the current situation of electric car adoption, to analyze the current status of the EV technology, and to prepare a roadmap on how they are going to reach their goal of successfully being a pioneer in automobile industry.

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