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2018 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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Project management, Portfolio management, Strategic planning, Organizational behavior


Organizational Project Management (OPM) is not a "thing" or a "procedure" rather, it can almost be described as a "state of being" or "harmony" in the alignment of what an organization does and how it gets there. OPM has the responsibility to enhance and improve how an organization achieves its strategic goals. It provides organizations with an intelligent approach to deal effectively with the various projects and programs required by the market, its organizational stakeholders, and regulatory agencies, all within the organization's limited resources. OPM has the responsibility to support the alignment between the organization's business strategy and its projects to achieve the organization's goals. It is also responsible for managing risks and dealing with the uncertainty that may prevent the organization from achieving its objectives. In addition, it enables the organization to measure its capabilities, then plan and implement improvements to seek the systematic achievement of best practices. Moreover, it ensures organizational learnings from both knowledge management and lessons learned. The purpose of the research is to illustrate the important role that OPM must or needs to play within the organization. This research utilizes the current knowledge base in the project management environment to answer the question of "Why does an organization need to establish OPM?" In addition to describing OPM's responsibility in the organization, the paper will briefly explore four categories, Portfolio Management, Project Sponsor, Effective Programs and Projects Management, and Strategic Project Management Office (PMO) for establishing OPM in an organization.


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