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2016 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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Road construction industry -- United States, Transportation construction industry -- United States, Value analysis (Cost control), Risk assessment, Risk management


In order to deliver transportation project on time and within budget, project planners and decision makers need to understand the desirable outcomes of projects or programs to make intelligent decisions. In addition, they also need effective tools and techniques to guide those decisions. In development of a guide that identifies available tools and techniques to foster useable and improved practices for key stakeholders of transportation projects, this paper as a preliminary study assessed current utilization of project delivery value improvement programs such as value engineering (VE), risk analysis/management (RA/RM) and constructability reviews (CR) for transportation projects. To determine whether states have adapted any of these programs or other innovative project delivery techniques, state DOT initiatives were studied through a review of past research and reports. Also, the collection of documents relevant to DOT practices that have been used as a literature review to identify and design the survey questions. Value Management Strategic (VMS), academic advisors at Portland State University (PSU), and project delivery experts were consulted to advice and validate the survey questions before and after the distribution stage. Then, three surveys of VE, RA, and CR were carried out with state DOT staff. Finally, the survey results were discussed in-depth in this paper to address the main issues of these programs and the level of its conducting within the project delivery processes related to transportation construction projects.


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