Exploring the Multi-Phase Driven Process for Disruptive Business Model Innovation of E-Business Microcredit: a Multiple Case Study from China

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Journal of the Knowledge Economy

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This paper uses a multiple case study to reveal and analyze how the disruptive business model innovation of e-business microcredit firms is driven by the three phases of discovering, screening, and combining and matching drivers with an internal business model. The results suggest that it is the integrated forces of the market, technology, policy, competition, and entrepreneurs’ groups to drive the process, and whose specific sub-drivers are further analyzed and have a significant impact on the second phase. The types of disruptive business model innovation of e-business microcredit firms are determined by matching the criteria and methods of entrepreneurs groups in terms of risk consideration. As little research has been done on the systematic analysis of the driven process of disruptive business model innovation from a holistic perspective of drivers, this study makes a contribution to complete the understanding of this process, especially in the e-business microcredit arena. This study also gives renewed knowledge to disruptive innovation theory. This study assesses managerial implications to the development and prediction of internet financial service firms.


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