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2019 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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Product design, System design, Customer relations -- Management, Information technology -- Planning, Customer services -- Technological innovations -- Management


The undeniable impact of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things on value proposition and offerings of firms, drive many strategic initiatives in organizations to design solutions which integrate products and services. Since designing Product-Service Systems inherently introduce high level of complexity and adding artificial intelligence requirements as one of the influential factors overcomplicate the long-term planning processes, the strategic planners seek for effective tools to enable them to manage the level of complexity as well as empowering them to communicate the outcomes with the whole organization. In order to achieve this purpose, Technology Roadmaps provides a structured and flexible means for designing product-service systems which can manage the advanced technologies such as connected and intelligence devices the core factors. This research focuses on designing new and customized process of technology planning via application of Technology Roadmapping methodology to design Product-Service Systems. In order to verify the model, a complex product-service system which includes interconnected devices (internet of things) with artificial intelligence enabled capabilities is strategically planned by the proposed model.


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