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2019 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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Technology -- Management, Intelligent control systems, Artificial intelligence -- Moral and ethical aspects, Human-computer interaction, System theory


Management of technology and its development carry along the responsibility and consequences for interactions between Human and Artificial Intelligent Systems (AIS). In spite of all good intentions, the effects and repercussions of conflicts between Human and the systems built with intent to assist Human may be proceeding along the path that will recognize a dismal mistake in judgment. Dreadful and intolerable impositions on Human behavior may arise regardless of how AIS is designed. That is not to say progress should cease, but rather to make the case that intensely determined efforts need to delve into the uses and implications of AIS. Heretofore, only the manifestations of goodwill are energizing research and early uses. This paper proposes and outlines the power of applying Systems Model-Based Thinking (SMBT) to begin outlining the realms of behavior that society could be aware. Open discussion to facilitate general awareness is deemed essential to a fuller participation in a useful and enlightened future with AIS.


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