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2019 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology (PICMET)

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Internet telephony, Computer network protocols, Hierarchical Decision Model, Internet service providers -- Analysis, Sustainable development


The continued technological progression has instituted a modification in communication facets. Consequently, the use of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has enhanced and technical researchers believe that this innovation will be at the center stage for future phone engagements. VoIP services are offered by different providers depending on the customer's unique personal or corporate requirement. Therefore, firms should undertake extensive researches to determine the most appropriate service providers that would optimize operations and improve productivity. In most cases, the choice of VoIP in a hierarchical organization is influenced by factors such as the number of users within various protocols, the total devices needed to reach a far-reaching link, and the sustainability of the selected broadband technology. Aspects like the cost of acquiring a VoIP and output should also be considered to facilitate a timely return on investment. Getting accustomed to interior networking schemes and current technologies is vital in the quest to establish a useful internet set-up design. While the presence of several inhibiting factors may affect the effectiveness of VoIP, the hierarchical decision model (HDM) provides a decision-making criterion that can be applied to improve its functioning. The approach considers several VoIP options that are drawn and approved by network specialists. Therefore, the HDM is used as software to make a balanced contrast of different tangible factors before they are ranked according to their importance. Finally, an analytical model established to make VoIP coherent consisted of different stages that included the objective, criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives as the main decision aspects. Groups of telecommunication experts from diverse organizations were invited to help in making a proper judgment regarding the best VoIP option. Google voice emerged as the most viable alternative from the study due to its effectiveness. Therefore, it is evident that embracing accurate inquiry outlooks and standards is essential for attaining successful research outcomes. The research question is: what is the best-chosen service provider through multiple alternatives?


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