A Scientometric Review of Technology Capability Research

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Journal of Engineering and Technology Management

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In a global competitive environment, the ability of organizations to be flexible enough to adapt to conditions is directly related to their capacity management capabilities. The basic capability of an organization with new product development and innovation production capacity are the most decisive factors in this situation. From this point of view, technology capability management is very important for organizations since R & D activities are the most intensive organizations. In this study, the technology capability (TC) in the literature is discussed. Suggestions have been developed about the points to be addressed in the management of technology capability in universities. Using bibliometrics, we identified the topics discussed with the prominent subject areas in the field. In the analysis, it was observed that ten clusters appeared in Technology Capability (TC) studies, the behavioral elements of individuals that prioritize individual characteristics should be considered as a concept that requires the consideration of information theory, information management, information, and communication technologies as a whole. In terms of knowledge dissemination, it is observed that a significant portion of the literature used prioritizes the intellectual, psychological, and social aspects of technology capability according to the classification system of Journal Citation Reports (JCR).


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