Technology Convergence Assessment: Case of Blockchain Within the IR 4.0 Platform

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Technology in Society

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Technological evolutions are leveraged by organizations to assess and formulate their strategic goals for achieving market dominance. Disruptive technologies have challenged organizations to address and transform their technological infrastructure and operational processes anew based on the market dynamics. Blockchain is considered as the disruptive technology of the decade, which has led incumbents to reassess their business models. Various applications of Blockchain have been explored by previous researchers. However, fourth industrial revolution (IR 4.0) technologies have also paved way towards the disruptive technological landscape. The purpose of this research is to identify the convergence across Blockchain and IR 4.0 technologies. This research conducts the bibliometric analysis approach, including performance analysis and network analysis to identify the research trends and themes for the convergence of select technologies. The results indicate four major thematic clusters for the convergence trends with basic, established, niche, and emerging technologies. Furthermore, the citation analysis reveals four clusters based on basic Blockchain technology domain, Blockchain and IR 4.0 technology domains, supply chain management (SCM), and healthcare applications of the convergence of select technologies. This article provides a novel approach by identifying the bibliometric trends across the concept of technological convergence of Blockchain and IR 4.0 technologies.


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