Identifying and Prioritizing Impediments of Industry 4.0 to Sustainable Digital Manufacturing: A Mixed Method Approach

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Journal of Cleaner Production

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The impediments to Industry 4.0 adoption in sustainable production function as a roadblock to the digital transformation of manufacturing companies. The study's goal is to look at the intricate of Industry 4.0's impediments to the advancement of digital manufacturing for long-term sustainability. Adoption of Industry 4.0 is challenging in the current environment, but the consideration of Industry 4.0 in the sustainability industry is much more difficult. The empirical investigation followed a mixed-methods approach, which included the systematic literature review (SLR) method and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). The thirty sustainability impediments relating to technological, organizational, economic, environmental, social, and institutional factors were identified using the SLR approach, and the AHP method (a multi-criteria decision-making method) was used to rank or prioritize the synchronized impediments. Based on the results from all six categories of impediments, the study found the organizational (compound priority weight 0.413) impediments of Industry 4.0 are the most prominent impediment to sustainability measures for digital manufacturing. It was followed by the Environmental, Technological, Economical, Societal and institutional impediments, with compound priority weights of 0.256, 0.152, 0.099, 0.054 and 0.026 respectively that represent the sequence of these impediments. Overall, the study reveals a 360-degree overview of the organization in order to identify Industry 4.0 factors for digital transformation. By examining the sustainability factors and challenges of Industry 4.0, the study assists company managers in revolutionizing their businesses into digitally-enabled ones. Furthermore, this study also helps managers and practitioners to prioritize the various sustainability factors that are most relevant for their organization when they try to transform digitally their business.


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