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Closed Project

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Winter 2010


Charles Weber

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Strategic Management of Technology

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ETM 526/626


Kindle (Electronic book reader), Strategic planning, Technology -- Management, High technology industries -- Management, Electronic book readers


Amazon launched its smart product, "Kindle", in late 2007, called “Kindle”, in order to serve customers who want to download electric books and reading materials which cost much cheaper than the printed books. Kindle is a smart portable electronic book device that includes free wireless feature from Sprint for connecting to the Internet and downloading contents. This content-delivery service is called “Whispernet”. Furthermore, An electronic paper of Kindle not only consumes less energy but also allows readers to feel as if they were reading off physical paper.

Kindle 2 has been launched since early of 2009, this version is a solution of the drawbacks such as low resolution, no backlight, thickness and incompatible with PDF files found in the previous version. Even though Amazon has solved all the disadvantages of the first version, some customers still have questions about Kindle’s ability compared to other e-readers; and some of them doubt about the current trends, future direction and the possibility to penetrate and substitute the print books market. They would like to make the decision after perceiving the situation and comparing with others devices such as Nook from B&N and Sony Reader. Therefore, I would like to analyze what strategies that Amazon uses to encourage its customers to trust in the capability of Kindle, and also to beat other competitors such as B&N and Sony Corp in order to remain the top player of the eBook device market.


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