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Closed Project

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Fall 1995


Dragan Milosevic

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Communications and Team Building

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EMGT 510


This paper will analyze the development or our team, The gloBEes, and critically assess how well we have progressed toward our goal of becoming a high performance team. To make this assessment, we will apply a model we created, which we've named The "10D's" of a High Performance Team, using models and readings from class, as well as models we found conducting outside research. The description of our model is outlined in appendix A, and the description of the development of our model is in appendix B.

As the gloBEes team developed, we applied concepts learned from class, readings, and exercises, to help our team progress toward becoming a high performance team. Descriptions of our application of many of these concepts are explained in the appendices. Throughout these appendices we also discuss the management implications of the concepts we applied.

Following is the application of our "10D's" model analyzing our team development. We will list each stage and explain why we believe our team did or did not reach this stage. We will then conclude by analyzing where we believe we are on the performance curve, and what we could have done differently to progress further along the curve.


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