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Closed Project

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Spring 2017


Sule Balkan & Tim Anderson

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Energy Demand Forecasting

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ETM 510


Energy load forecasting is a major business problem in the electric power industry. A lot of effort is put in this field by the researchers and industry experts to estimate load. In the recent times, technological development, renewable integration requirements and aging infrastructure has made the energy forecasting more and more important to energy system operations and its planning [1] This project is based on participation in worldwide energy forecasting competition GEFCom for 2017. With the growing need of load forecasting, this competition is an effort to bring together the very advanced and sophisticated techniques and methodologies to predict the demand of energy using hierarchical probabilistic energy forecasting and has participants from various countries. This report explains the learning process and the entire journey of participation in this competition.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University

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