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Closed Project

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Fall 2008


Jean-Claude Balland

Course Title

Technology Marketing

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EMGT 555


In this study, it has been attempted to examine the potential marketing and commercialization strategy for wireless power routers, one of the 2008 emerging technologies, that would eliminate the need of power cords to use and charge electronic devices. The overview of the technology is that using the coupling resonance, an electric field is generated and therefore the electronic devices which penetrate the range of the router’s signal are to be automatically charged. Several discussions and brainstorming sessions have been taken place in order to identify the problem of electricity usage and availability in mass public locations such as universities, mass transportation public stations and airports and it was discovered the high potential for this product at the airports, this was done for the sake of market segmentation. As its being said earlier, this is a nascent technology that several savvy techs are taking it from the theoretical phase to the experimental phase then to the validation phase, thus making is feasible and tangible. Few applications in the individual scale have been demonstrated and brought to the market; however, this technology still has its limitations in terms of cost, efficiency and market adoption. It is being attempted to study the marketability of this product in the segment of coffee shops and restaurant by conducting several interviews with potential owners of the coffee shops and restaurants to serve the end user, the travelers, to satisfy their needs of electrical power during their travels.


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