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Closed Project

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Fall 2008


Dragan Milosevic

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Project Portfolio Management

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EMGT 510


HKMA is a well-known IT company in the Middle East. HKMA has big portfolio that involves in the areas of networking, web-site development and maintenance, customized applications, E-Commerce, and E-Government. The company’s financial performance is doing very well. However, in the last fiscal year, the CEO was not satisfied about the plummeted performance and asked for investigation. HKMA has many problems with its portfolio management. The portfolio of projects does not support HKMA’s strategy. There are 97 projects which is too many. Therefore, resources are spread very thinly. We can say the HKMA’s portfolio is unbalanced and unfocused. The PMO General Manager took advantage of the low performance of HKMA’s last fiscal year, and proposed a plan to the CEO in order to leverage the company’s business value. He presented a strategic plan that is mainly focused on fixing the company’s portfolio system. The plan was very successful in implementation with the support of designed portfolio model and emphasizing the role of PMO which brought a heavy weight matrix organization. Implementing the plan was not easy. However, the hardest part was dealing with human issues. Many units resisted the change in the new system especially functional managers who used to have full authorization of employees, but not any more after the new strong project matrix. in general, the PMO GM was professional and experienced enough handle soft factors as well as hard factors. Political marketing and clear communication were essential keys for him.


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