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Closed Project

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Fall 2008


Timothy Anderson

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Engineering Economic Analysis

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EMGT 535/635


TriMet is the public transportation agency operating in the Portland metro area of the state of Oregon. Since the agency provides a wide range of mass transportation to the public, accuracy and safety of managing the whole system is an essential job for TriMet Road Supervisors. In order to perform this task, the Road Supervisors use trucks or sport utility vehicles to carry TriMet officers and equipment from one location to another as needed. Because the current vehicles are at the end of their useful life, TriMet has a decision to make in order to replace the cars for Road Supervisors. Chevrolet Equinox 2009, which is standard SUV and Ford Escape 2009, which is a hybrid car, are the two models of cars that are considered as candidates. The purpose of this study is to provide a recommendation to help TriMet make a decision between these two options. For this study, first we considered and examined both economic factors such as initial cost, fuel cost and operation and maintenance costs, and non-economic factors such as customer‘s satisfaction and environmental issues. Then, all the data are utilized to justify the recommendation based on engineering economy approaches. The results show that that there is not much difference between the hybrid and stand vehicles in terms of the economic and non-economic evaluation. Nevertheless, the evaluation provides a different perspective for decision makers and could be use as an aid in the decision making process.


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