Group Project -- Sony 3DHD TV: "Living the Experience"

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Closed Project

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Winter 2010


Charles Weber

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Technology Marketing

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ETM 555/655


3-D television -- Technological innovations, High definition television -- Technological innovations, 3-D television -- Marketing, New products -- Management


The next big thing on TV, as Panasonic and Samsung called it during the CES 2010 exhibit, is the availability of the 3D experience on the new TV sets that are coming to the market as early as the first quarter of 2010. Though 3D technology has been around for many years in very concrete niches such as specialized movie theaters the advent of more realistic 3D techniques and the push from media creators to have more available content is going to create a new market opportunities in home TV sales and many vendors are putting their best effort to offer such products.

Initial industry estimates are showing a significant adoption of 3D technology across TV sets, computer equipment, content broadcast and specialized home entertainment so the interest of major entertainment providers is clearly justified. This new end market currently appeals to early adopters who are willing to pay the premium for the latest technologies and expect a full available ecosystem of content/equipment to improve their experience. An accurate study of market segments and a correct introduction of these new products will have a significant impact to set standards and future steps on 3D technology as new updates on the technology, interaction to other home entertainment equipment such as home theaters and larger segment shares on a growing market.

Sony Corporation is one of the best situated entertainment providers due to its history of a technology innovation company, trusted for its reliability and quality on products and the fact that Sony is not just an electronics company trying solely to sell products but a key player in all aspects of the entertainment industry creating content such as motion pictures or computer games, developing the tools required for 3D creation and broadcasting content as well as the electronic manufacturer.


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