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Fall 2017


Tugrul Daim

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Engineering Technology Management

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ETM 520/620


Solar energy -- Technological innovations, Solar energy industries -- United States -- Case studies, International Trade Commission, Technology -- Management


Solar energy is turning out to be a widely accepted renewable energy alternative. It is considered as the cleanest and abundantly available source of energy. Adoption of this source for energy generation has been made possible by technological advancements. The United States has realized the potential of the solar energy but hasn’t been able to exploit the technology until recently. Since 2009, the US has seen a significant growth in consumption of solar energy. Efficiency of solar cells, tax credits, state policies, increasing public awareness on environmental pollution have resulted in increasing use of solar energy. Although a key reason for this growth has been declining prices facilitated by cheaper and efficient imported modules. American solar cell manufacturers are unable to compete with cheap and efficient imported modules and have sought the help of the International Trade Commission (ITC) to impose tariffs on them. Although tariffs would help these two failing manufacturing companies, it could negatively impact the growth of the solar industry as whole. This report studies the impact of the ITC verdict on the solar industry and SolarWorld and also proposes the direction of the outcome considering social, technological, environmental, economic and political aspects.


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