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Fall 2017


Timothy Anderson

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Operations Research

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ETM 540/640


Natural foods -- Economic aspects, Natural foods -- Delivery of goods, Technological innovations, Operations research


Organics to You ( ) is a produce delivery company that focuses on bringing organic local food from local farms straight to the homes, schools, and businesses of its clients. Each week a "Small Bin" is created using different varieties of local produce from various farms. Customers receive a bin that contains 12-14 varieties of produce with 2-6 "servings" of each variety (e.g., 1 melon, 4 apples, 1 head of lettuce, 2 lbs potatoes, etc).

Our objective is to optimize the contents of the “Small Bin”. The decision we want to make is how much of each variety do we include in the bin while minimizing capital costs, thus maximizing profits. Constraints will aim to keep each variety within the appropriate "servings" range in order to ensure a well rounded bin and avoid overloading customers with too much of one thing, i.e. we cannot just give everyone twenty pounds of potatoes as cheap as that might be.


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