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Closed Project

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Fall 2005


Charles Weber

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Innovation Management

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EMGT 510/610


Telework: an innovation which made difference in the culture, productivity of organizations and provided more flexibility in work style of employees of IS (Information System). The purpose of this paper is to study various advantages and disadvantages of telework program from IS manager perspective. We will consider the result of national survey of IS managers [1] from paper submitted by T. Selwyn Ellis and Robert L. Webster to get information related to advantages and disadvantages of telework.

Despite the benefits of telework for both employers and employees, the growth of telework has not materialized as predicted. It has been observed that employees at IS particular, whose work is best suited for telework, not started teleworking. In this paper, we will study various reasons for the lack of success in adopting telework and way to overcome from those problems. The study includes key variables which are proposed by innovation theory [2] to see how they are related to telework. In this paper, we will consider the result of national survey of IS executives from the papers presented by Cynthia P. Ruppel and Susan J. Harrington [4] [5] to get information related to our problem statement.

The key factors which have impacted implementation of telework program were middle management support, awareness of its important to employees and manager, specialization of job, more central control in organization. The study has suggested that we should not overlook the compatibility of innovation related to adoption of telework program. The compatibility of innovation is related to testing the organization’s existing values, skills, culture and work practices with adoption of any new innovation. These findings opened many areas for future work like to analysis the manager’s knowledge related to telework and employees perceptions related to advantages and disadvantages of telework etc.


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