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Closed Project

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Winter 2005


Tugrul U. Daim

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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EMGT 520/620


Society is changing. Today’s society doesn’t have the exactly same needs than before. This is the knowledge era, technological era. It is a fast changing world, it is changing as new technological applications are changing, improving, and innovating. Political and social trends have new needs, and new technological applications fill in the blanks of those needs. Technology is shaping the world. The day when technological innovations would be changing the way we do business has come. The trend of applying high technology to unimaginable applications is now a reality. The context of our study is the hospitality industry in a time when competitiveness is vital to survive. The hospitality industry (which includes businesses like restaurants and hotels) is an old industry that is experiencing a change in “the way they do business”. Wireless technology is delivering so big advantages to the restaurant industry, that this trend of using wireless technology cannot be ignored. How was this trend originated? Was it originated because technology found its way to be embodied into customized applications used to satisfy very specific needs? Or was it originated because the society was lacking of customized applications in order to satisfy its specific needs? In other words, was there a technology-push strategy or a market-pull strategy? Whatever was the origin, it is dictating a new trend in the hospitality industry.


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