Document Type

Closed Project

Publication Date

Spring 1994


Dundar F. Kocaoglu

Course Title

Project Management in Engineering & Technology

Course Number

EMGT 545/645


This report recommends the structure and criteria for setting up a new product introduction (NPI) program within an electronics manufacturing company. The three design and manufacturing companies used to provide a basis for the study were Planar, Tektronix, and TriQuint. Planar and Tektronix have an NPI program in place, while the program at TriQuint is still being developed. This project was selected because of the potential to assist with the development of the NPI program at TriQuint, as well as the fact that each of the team members is familiar with the NPI program at their respective companies.


This project is only available to students, staff, and faculty of Portland State University.

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