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Closed Project

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Winter 2017


Tugrul Daim

Course Title

Decision Making

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ETM 530


2016 was termed as the year of the drones. Since 2012 this technology market has grown tremendously with 1.9 Billion in sales last year. [1] Most of the electronic components have been driven by low prices with high capabilities such as GPS and accelerometers. One of the amazing technology product is a “Follow-Me drone camera system”. This autonomous drone system will change professional photographers, hobbyists, commercial industry such as survey, construction, agriculture as well as those people who just want to capture video of themselves without the hassle of controlling the device. Every idea, every groundbreaking leap that changes our world starts with a decision, and making the right decision is the foundation to success and happiness in life. This study aims to assess different follow-me drones manufacturers using a decision-making process of buying an autonomous “Follow-Me” drone systems by utilizing a hierarchical decision model (HDM). Focusing on the active sports enthusiast customer this model will evaluate which of the six autonomous drone systems the customer should purchase based on a set of evaluation criteria. The criteria contained in the model were based on interviews with subject matter experts in both photography and remote sensing as well as consumer reports and literature review. Two panels were used for this model, panel two was the subject matter experts on just the products and they scored the products against each other in each of the criteria. Once that was finished the model was developed so the consumer only had to fill out level two and level three to find out what drone is best for them based on their priority of the evaluation criteria. After the application of the model, analysis is made concerning the main results and also concerning the importance of each objective and criteria.


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