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Closed Project

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Winter 2017


Tugrul Daim

Course Title

Decision Making

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ETM 530


The recent technological advancements have shed light on some futuristic inventions and possibilities. One of these inventions and technologies has been home automation especially due to the rise of Internet of Things. One of the main areas of advancement in home automation has been Voiceoperated speakers. Given the surprising success of the Amazon Echo -- a smart speaker that responds to your voice commands, plays music, and controls your smart home -- this area has become a vying one. With Google Home entering the arena, complete with the backing of the company's ubiquitous search engine, the Echo's place on top is no longer secure. There are also a lot of new products entering the market with unique features. These criteria would make the decision-making process an arduous one both for producers and the buyers of these products. This project offers some criteria to facilitate the decisionmaking process involving smart, voice activated speakers. The Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) has been used to establish a model based on perspectives, criteria, and alternatives. Furthermore, with the aim of better demonstrating the practicality of the study, five real voice operated speaker products are evaluated based on the perspectives and criteria weights obtained from the HDM model and scores.


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