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Closed Project

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Winter 2017


Tugrul Daim

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Decision Making

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ETM 530


Carsharing as a membership system for the joint use of cars, is a growing industry. The system is proving popular because you can use a car anytime you need one. These automobile rental services are intended to substitute for private vehicle ownership, with vehicles located in neighborhoods, rented by the hour, and easy to check in and out. Carsharing services are increasingly common with tourists who want to get from one point to another without spending hours on public transport. These have the added benefit of convenience and comfort of a four wheeler without paying much extra as in the case of taxi or cabs. This paper utilizes Hierarchical Decision Model (HDM) to evaluate and select the best carsharing alternative for tourists around Portland area by analysing different perspectives and criteria that can be used to predict which alternative is preferred, address which criteria are most important to the tourists, and provide recommendations to travellers and carsharing businesses. Car2go, Zipcar, ReachNow, Turo, and Getaround are the five alternatives that were evaluated. The result showed that “ReachNow” is the best alternative for tourists around Portland area and indicated that the convenience perspective is the most important to achieve the object, and carsharing should put more focus in improving areas related to convenience.


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