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Closed Project

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Spring 2006


Antonie Jetter

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Human Side of Technology Management

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EMGT 510/610


High technology industries -- Management, High technology industries -- Personnel management, High technology industries -- Labor supply, Technology -- Management


In today’s high-tech business setting, companies increasingly recognize their employees as valuable assets, rather than a cost factor. There is a considerable amount of research driven by employers seeking to understand the impact of various motivational factors on both current and future employees. However, we found limited evidence of any research that discusses the similarities and contrasts between a group of current high-tech employees and a group of prospective employees. This paper discusses that very topic and is based on the data recorded from interviews with over 70 current and future high tech employees. We’ll review the job expectations of a sample set of current employees in a well-known high-tech company as well as a sample set of graduate students from a regional university. The results of the study have demonstrated some similarities and discrepancies in motivation factors of these two groups as well as some interesting correlations between various age and region of birth influences within these groups. It is hoped that these research findings can help provide Human Resource Managers and Functional Managers with insight on how to best tailor the motivational factors of a job to best meet the job expectations of both current employees as well as prospective new hires in the high tech industry.


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