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Closed Project

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Winter 2005


Charles Weber

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Strategic Management of Technology

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EMGT 510/610


The objective of this case study is to outline the current scenario that exists in the global software industry. The Indian software firms play a major role in the global software industry and have achieved success and acclaim in all corners of the global. The success of the Indian firms has been noticed by China, Russia, and other countries like Malaysia, Romania who were hitherto unknown players in the software industry. These firms are vying for greater share in the global software industry which means the Indian domination can end if effective long term and short term strategies are not formulated and implemented. The immediate competition to the Indian firms are from China, Russia and Israel who have a strong presence in the global market but there is no doubt that other countries will soon want to be a part of the IT industry. This study outlines the current situation in the Chinese, Russian and Israeli software industry along with the policies initiated to gain a greater share in the global software market. In the account given below, I have suggested strategies to meet the immediate competition from the Chinese, Russian and Israeli firms and also to meet the perceived competition from Malaysian and Romanian and other firms.


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