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Dundar F. Kocaoglu

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Management of Engineering & Technology

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EMGT 520


The key to America's competitiveness is in its ability to effectively transfer new and existing technologies from the Federal government to the private sector. This discussion was centered around the absence of a model which describes the technology transfer method of federally funded advanced technological research to the private sector. The main focus of this study was to gain an understanding of a rudimentary model to define technology transfer today. Such a model would ultimately lead to the standardization of metrics used to measure the effectiveness of technology transfer and develop a path toward the "convergence of measurable goals". In reaching this goal two fundamental questions were discussed. The first question addressed the present structure of metrics and correlated this to the need to develop an initial "empirical taxonomy". This "empirical" model would be developed with the base level of knowledge available in the study. Secondly, the differences and similarities in the metrics of developers, sponsors, and the adopters were researched. Based on an analysis of literature and interviews, this information was used to build initial conclusions about the roles of each participant in the technology transfer processes and identify areas that require further analysis.


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