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Closed Project

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Fall 2004


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Capstone Project

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EMGT 589/689


Strategic management, Technology -- Forecasting, Technology -- Management, Information services -- Evaluation, Industrial research -- Governmental aspects


The easier and more rapid availability of information on basic research has increased the growing integration of science and technology as well as shortened the innovation cycle. Each individual decisions has more and far-reaching impacts on the interdependencies within and among nations. The costs of errors in decisionmaking caused by using inadequate information or applying inappropriate analysis have also increased. To address the impacts of these concerns in resource allocation policies at national level, many governments have begun taking a new approach addressing longer-term research planning as a way to strengthen their capability in global economic competition. To achieve this goal, the most prominent question is whether it is possible for government to accurately identify future development of new emerging areas of strategic research that will provide the knowledge-base for the technologies and industries of tomorrow with an effective use of the limited government R&D funding.


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