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Closed Project

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Winter 2017


Ron Khormaei

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New Product Development

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ETM 547


People who can least afford to waste water are actually wasting and throwing away the most. 100 years ago, there were 1.6 billion people on earth, now there are 7.4 billion which has created unprecedented pressure on the world's scarce water supply. 20.7 million people live in Mumbai and are limited to 2-3 hours of water daily. The city currently has a supply of 3200 million liters of water every day (MLD) against a demand of 3700 MLD which means there is a gap of 500 MLD and a loss of about 650 MLD due to mismanaged water (pipe leakages) This could fill the equivalent of 260 Olympic sized swimming pools or provide adequate water to 216 million people. There has got to be a better solution! What if we could regulate this process that would result in no water waste while ensuring water abundance for current population and future generations. The Eco Faucet targets people in urban developing cities with limited access to water, who are unable to manage the available water due to shortage and inadequate water storage capacity. Our product provides a convenient, no-waste solution unlike the current manual process, ensuring maximum water utilization efficiency.


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