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Closed Project

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Fall 2002


Dragan Milosevic

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Project Management Framework

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EMGT 510/610


Project management -- Methodology, Portfolio management, Organizational change -- Management


This paper describes the transition of company ABC from an adhoc project management system to a new project management system. Our group is the consulting team that had been given the responsibility of taking the company from point A to point B.

We shall describe the PM system at point A, and analyze it. Then we shall describe the design and implementation plan for the new PM system. Assuming we are at point B at this point in time, we will talk about how the company made the journey from point A to point B. At point A, the company followed an adhoc project management system, but under the tight fisted control of the CEO. The dictatorial management style of the CEO inhibited any improvement process from flowering. The company suffered because of this and hence the need for a new project management system. At point B, various elements of a PM system were incorporated, namely, Portfolio selection system, Program Office, Training, Standard Methodology etc.

The transition from point A to point B was long and painstaking, the hardest part being changing the culture of the organization and making it more receptive to change.

Note: The presentation associated with this report is included here as a supplemental file.


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