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Closed Project

Publication Date

Winter 2017


Sule Balkan

Course Title

Technology Marketing

Course Number

ETM 555/655


This report consists of a marketing plan for the world’s smallest pacemaker, Micra, which is produced by Irish-American med-tech company, Medtronic. This pacemaker is one of its kind due to its technological, cost effective, and state of art advantages over the conventional pacemakers. This product would be beneficial to patients, surgeons, hospitals, insurance companies, and government. The surgery process involving micra is invasive and minimal which is advantageous to patients and surgeons while being cost effective due to the cut in hospital stay and surgery costs. This report has been written in an endeavor to shatter the myth that conventional pacemakers are cheaper and Micra is only suited for premium customers. This report aims at raising awareness for the technological and financial benefits of using Micra targeted at health professional, insurance companies, and patients likewise. The company and product are explained thoroughly before an implementation of market and competition analysis which clarify the state and trends of pacemaker market and the deciding players in it.


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