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Closed Project

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Spring 2003


Dundar Kocaoglu

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Project Management

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EMGT 545/645



Increasing competition in a worldwide market has altered organizational practice and standards. Growth in information technology means growth in public and consumer awareness. As a result, organizations (profit and non-profit) must continuously provide product and services that will satisfy both customers and share holders. Organizations provide products and/or services to their customers, but the customers return their perceived values of the provided product and services to the public at large. Therefore, the long-term survival of an organization is dependent upon its value-stream process. In engineering and manufacturing company, valuestream process is the sum of all the company defined value-added activities from the receiving of customer specifications to design activities, and down stream to manufacturing activities until shipping and when the product reach the customers. Many companies adopt some sort of a foundation to create and maintain the competitiveness for this value-stream process, to help guide its operations, and to ensure that products and services will meet or exceed customers' expectations. In Total Quality Management, this foundation is often referred as a quality management system (QMS).


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