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Dragan Milosevic

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Capstone Project

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EMGT 589/689



The following project examines how spatial modeling capabilities found in GIS technology can be applied to the field of dam safety management at Hydro-Quebec. To identify potential application areas, dam safety management activities and processes are examined in detail. The analysis reveals that the management, operation and surveillance of dams is very data intensive. Furthermore, many spatial entities are involved in the various business processes. This suggests that a spatial information paradigm would enable the organization to leverage the analytical capabilities of its current information system. The paradigm shift is a strategic step that would eventually enable the organization to take full advantage of advances in portable computing devices, wireless communications, GPS and Internet technologies to create real-time field mapping and data collection applications. Founded on current literature and an industry survey, the study provides and overview of GIS technology, current practices within the industry, and implementation issues. Two principle domains of activity are identified that could potentially benefit from the use of spatial information system applications: 1) Dam Infrastructure Management and 2)Dam Emergency Response Management. Finally, an implementation strategy is proposed that takes into consideration the current situation, goals and objectives of the organization.


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