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Dundar Kocaoglu

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Management of Engineering and Technology

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EMGT 520/620



Companies have different ways to establish their strategies and policies in order to achieve the goals and objective stated in their business vision. Since the beginning of the industrialization era, the emphasis in the technological element has become very important for the companies. The technology that a company uses is its know-how and the most valuable part. The challenge for leaders and managers is not only how to be efficient in costs but also how to be the first in the market. For this purpose, experimenting and researching in technology will give to the company the advantage over its competitors. Nowadays we can see how technologies change very fast due to the fact that companies’ investment in R&D is significant. Companies and most specifically leaders of the companies must know how to manage this R&D element. Managing technology is not an easy task when it is related to make an invention into a successful product for the company. This paper presents an analysis of 3M Company, and how the well-know innovative company has approached to the challenge of managing technology throughout a set of policies and strategies.


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