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Dragan Milosevic

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Project Management

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EMGT 510/610


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Managing projects can be a challenge and a key point in many companies, especially large companies that depend on project management like Timberline Software. There is no universal formula on managing projects. While creating a project management toolbox for Timberline Software we used contingency approach. We tried to understand the nature of projects and apply tools that will be useful for the company. The desired outcome would be risk management tools that can assess the risk on their existing project processes. It is in1portant to understand the industry and company vision in order to develop a risk management system that will reflect to the company policies and culture. The decision point on which risk management tool to use was derived by segmenting the projects in a fashion that project managers can determine the size and choose an appropriate tool that corresponds to it. Our focus was improving the current project management system and adding tools that can give a higher probability of completion on time and also reduce the risk factors while enabling the project manager to foresee possible future obstacles.


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