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Closed Project

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Fall 2015


Antonie J. Jetter

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Front End Management for New Product Development

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ETM 543/643


In the fuzzy front end it is very important to assess thoroughly whether an opportunity for a new product exists. In order to perform such an analysis a good understanding of the voice of the customer and future trends is required. The Scope of this project is to explore the existence of an opportunity for a product that will provide data privacy for the individuals. In recent years the amount of data generated by an individuals has substantially increased[18], whether it be photos or check-in’s in Facebook, email correspondence, online purchases etc.; all this data could be available for anyone to use. Companies have been data mining in order to better advertise products that an individual is more likely to buy. The government has had the ability to monitor anyone’s data, from email correspondence to bank details. With all this data readily available for anyone, the issue of individual privacy needs to be considered. There have been laws that protect the security of sensitive data (ssn and bank account numbers), but other forms of data of an individual does not seem to have as much protection. In this paper we are going to try to understand the public perception of their data privacy and perceive whether customers are willing to pay for a product that will protect their privacy. The voice of customer technique was used by conducting Interviews and surveys; and analyzing the data obtained through Qualtrics. The Data was then put through the Opportunity Algorithm in order to find a quantifiable opportunity present in this area.


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