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Closed Project

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Spring 2015


Charles Weber

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Strategic Management of Technology

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ETM 526/626


Alibaba group is the giant e-commerce company from China. It was established in 1999 under the lead of Jack Ma. Customers use Alibaba to purchase products online, sell goods and make online payments. Alibaba acted like a middleman, linking buyers and sellers and facilitating transactions between them. Alibaba is going internationally. They announced their launch in the US in October 2014. However, it is not clear on strategy they used in U.S. market. From my initial information search on Alibaba’s growth and competitive strategy in the US market, I found that they used many interesting strategies such as collaboration strategies with Amazon’s competitors, resources strategies and marketing strategies. However, there are controversial issues on these strategies. A big discussion is on how Alibaba could beat Amazon or eBay, or which strategy could help them to become the leader in the US market and as the same time, how Amazon and eBay reacts to Alibaba’s strategies. In this individual research, I intent to investigate the strategies that Alibaba used and might use to compete in e-commerce business. The analysis could include of SWOT analysis, Five-force analysis, competitor analysis, market opportunity, the eco-system of e-commerce in US market and competitive strategies for Alibaba to use in the US market. The methodologies used in this research are case studies, Internet, News and literature search.


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