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Closed Project

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Spring 2015


Charles Weber

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Strategic Management of Technology

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ETM 526/626


In spite of the pervasiveness of mobile phone usage in a number of developing countries, including Ghana, banks are yet to harness the power of mobile technology in promoting their products and services, and reach a greater portion of the unbanked population. Mobile banking technology, from all indications, has the potential to effectively transform banking activities, get a larger number of people to patronize banking services, increase banks’ market share in terms of reaching the unbanked population, and by extension enhance their competitive advantage. While success in mobile banking technology will require the concerted efforts of a number of entities in addition to the banking institutions, banks as traditional money institutions are well positioned to offer holistic products and services if they make a conscious effort to take maximum advantage of the mobile technology revolution. This paper examined some existing literature on mobile banking in Ghana and proposed some strategies by which banks can take advantage of opportunities that mobile banking offers. Interviews conducted also gave insights into how banks can strategically align their activities with active players in the mobile banking revolution such as the telecommunication companies.


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