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Closed Project

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Spring 2015


Charles Weber

Course Title

Strategic Management of Technology

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ETM 525/626


Nowadays, many companies in this world are looking to improve their investments in different fields by developing their business strategic and management; however, many factors always have to be considered when choosing the best investment with high potential profit. Trucks and Buses Company (TBCo) management decided to change its strategic management by developing its production plant to hold the leadership position in Libya and Africa. The new company’s strategy targeted the Tripoli’s manufacture by developing the assemble lines with the last technology in this field. The change will lead the company to maintain its market share and keeping its competitive advantage in the domestic and Africa market. Before the final decision of the change, several brainstorming sessions took place to evaluate the company new strategy. In 2012, I was involved in the company’s initial decision evaluation processes as one of the consultants’ people who invited to support the company’s decision for the change. Therefore, I mainly depended in this project on my own experience in the strategic and project management, and the available information and data from my previous contribution in the company’s discussions. Also, I targeted the ETM-526/626 class material and techniques to help me evaluating the change with considering the competitive advantage requirements. Finally, I proposed some solutions and recommendations that can be useful for the company’s final proposal.


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