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Ramin Neshati

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Decision Making

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ETM 530/630


Work is very basic practice in human civilization. Starting with billions of years ago, a human was busy with farming, lumberjack, hunting, and sailor. Indeed, the role of labor and the development of different kinds of jobs have been prime to our growth and wealthiest; as a result, human will seek to the most convenient place in the earth that will provide a good place for work. From this concept, finding the best country for work is important in these days. Because human cannot live without work, finding the most desirable country to work is essential. Based on the evaluation of the most priority needs from a set of criteria, a good decision for selecting the criteria that are influencing the decision can be taken. In fact, a good evaluation tool will help human to select the adequate country for work. This paper is about decision-making model for selection a country for work that a family or an indivisible will choose to ensure a better quality of life, happiness, and comfort. This paper develops a framework to determine the most outstanding country for work from different countries around the global. The decision model used in this research paper is a comprehensive evaluation tool for a personal decision analysis that answers this question "What country makes the best place for work?" Indeed, a hierarchical decision model (HDM) was constructed for the framework. Experts judgments were used in this research paper to provide a pair-wised comparison evaluation for choosing one of the country outcomes that are: KSA, USA, UAE, and UK. The hierarchy model includes three levels: criteria, sub-criteria, and alternatives. The results of this analysis show that working in The United Kingdom is the best place to work because of the weighted score for political stability, tolerance for other customs, and Language barriers. This model would be helpful for an individual case who is qualified to start looking for a good work opportunity in either KSA, USA, UAE, and UK and have these characteristics of a limited budget, special traditions, and socially interactive. Though this paper highlighted several issues in selecting the best place for work, this would make a good topic for future research. Indeed, addressing the size of the company and the size of the family who lives in the household. And the education level for the work seeker, also the working experience period.


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